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Photo Booths Create Memories

These are just some of the examples or the photos printed at events and shared on Facebook. version which we uploaded for the couple.
With our deluxe package we can create both versions for you to enjoy.

6x2 Photo Booth Example

This is an example of a horizontal photo booth printout.
These are a great layout for a business event when you want to use the middle space for a
coupon or other promotional graphic.

6x4 Holiday Layout

Photo booth pictures do not have to be boring. If your event has a special theme we will create a
layout which compliments your event. As an additional add-on we can also allow your guests
to select their own layout.



Multiple Print Layout example for a Photo Booth
Another option is to offer the guests different layout choices. When the guests enter the booth
they can decided which print layout they want.
For groups we select the popular 2x6 print layout and for couples the 4x6 layout is a good choice.


Charitable Event - United Way Great Bend

Facebook and Photo Booth Strip Green Screen Example

The above example is what we like to do for social media. Most couple choose a 2x6 printout which does not display well on social media. With our photo booths the social media version is a 6x4 which is easily printed and displays nicely on the web.

Creative Photo Booth Layouts

6x2 Layouts are not that common but they do have the advantage of giving you larger
photographs in the strip format.

Charity Event


Different Photo Booth Layouts for Facebook and Printed

The above example is an example of where we randomly changed the layout for the printed 2x6 strips and then
created a 4x6 picture example for the Facebook posting. Being able to have a random picture layout really
makes your scrap book pop with color and variety.


Here is a collection of 2x6 photo strips that we have done. If you want a lot of graphics or a picture of yourselves we can use a larger graphics area and print three larger photographs. We will also create a 6x4 layout which will be on your disk and are more fun to share.

Photo Booth Picture using Larger Graphics and with three pictures.Photo Booth Picture with the names placed between the photgraphs.Business photo booth event with a pool themeAfter-prom with four picturesFour picture middle graphic photo booth sampleSunset themed photo booth printPhoto booth strip using wedding invitationMusical themed photo booth stripProm photo booth using event logoSimple four picture flagged theme photo booth pictureSimple three picture booth printColorful four picture photo booth stripBusiness event photo booth layoutColorful business photo booth pictureSunflower photo booth pictureSports themed photo booth layoutComic strip themed photo booth pictureFireworks themed photo booth picture

Country and Venue Theme3 picture social media layout2x6 printed version layout3 picture 6x4 photo booth layout4 picture photo booth layout4 picture themed photo booth layoutornate 4 picture layout3 picture layout6x4 3 picture layout for photo booth3 picture layout for photo booth2 picture 4x6 photo booth layout2x6 Photo Booth Layout

Photo Booth Pictures

The photo booth pictures can be a source of great party entertainment. Any television or computer with internet access can be used to display the photo booth slideshow.


Photo Booth Sample - Wedding

These are examples of our green screen options for the photo booth. This was a charity event at Towne West in Wichita

Photo Booth Sample - Green Screen

Photo Booth Sample - Wedding


Photo Booths are popular for after-proms and home comings. Most of our events now do a 2x6 three picture layout.

Home coming and Prom

two or three picture photo booth layout

  Photo Booth Pictures

This was an example of a photo booth setup at a wedding. We were placed in a corner with an exit behind us. We placed the display monitor at the corner of the booth and placed our prop table against the other wall.


Note the larger booth size. Our booths can adapt to as little as 4.5 feet wide to 8'.

Photo Booth Pictures

This was a photo booth setup that we had at a GoWichita event. At this particular event we did not have a prop table. Note the monitor on the far side of the photo booth. This monitor displays a fun slide show of the images taken in the booth.


Photo Booth Pictures

Green screen is the ultimate customizable feature for our booth.
Guests can be pictured with any scene behind them which you can imagine.

With the touchscreen option guests can even pick between a wide selection of backgrounds and layouts. This particular booth was setup in a home in a study area. It was a cozy fit, but it worked wonderfully.


Photo Booth Sample

Photo Booth Special Event Layout

This layout was used at a promotional event. It is a great format when you want to add a business logo or special message to the printouts. 4x6 printing is available for an hourly rate.

We are happy to meet with you to create a layout which is unique to your event and a statement of who you are.



Photo Booth Sample - Dance



We are always happy to custom design a layout for your event.
There is no charge for custom booth layouts.


Photo Booth Picture examples and layout ideas


Event Photography Services

We offer event photography of all kinds, This includes instant portraits, or pop-up studios, and well as group photography with on-site printing up to 8x12.

Specials and Discounts

We offer military discounts and discounts to schools and charities. To see if your organizaiton qualifies please use our contact form.

Booth Planning

A photo booth for a wedding will be different than a graduation or birthday party.

We will work with you to custom design a package.