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Photo Booth Features and Options

Every event is different. We can change our cabinet style, background width, print size,

open air vs enclosed, and hundreds of background options.

If you do not see a booth option that fits your event please use our contact form
or call us at 316-755-2787.


Background Options

We own a photography studio and have many background options for your booth. One of the most exciting options for our photo booths is the use of green screen.

Green screens** allow your guests to:
- Pick a category of backgrounds. For example, if the people in the booth want fireworks behind them they can pick fireworks and the software will rotate through a series of fireworks backgrounds.
- Allow the software to pick the background randomly from a series of photographs that you supply.
- Allow your guests to pick the background that they want


Photo Booth Background Examples

Click on the picture to open a larger version.

Different Booth Styles and Sizes

We can fit anywhere that two people can stand or expand to 8' wide for large groups. We have been placed in hallways, coat closets, and outside.
We also have open air style booths, a wooden retro booth, and inflatable cude and wall. We are always tweaking the booth styles to stay in touch with modern wedding styles.

Different Booth Sizes

We can fit anywhere that two people can stand or expand to 10" wide for large groups. We have been placed in hallways, coat closets, and outside.

Professional Attendants

The booth attendant is there to handle reprint requests and help people with the props. If the guests are a little shy about getting into the booth our attendants will encourage them and work with your DJ or MC to help promote the booth.


Contest Mode - A great way to entice people to the craziness of the photo booth

Wether it is an after-prom or a birthday party the ability to have a drawing where someone who went through the photo booth can receive a price makes the booth even more fun. To do this we turn on contest mode and every picture has a unique number printed right on the photo strip.


Print Quality

Photo Booth Large GroupWe use professional, high resolution printers and digital camera in all of our photo booths. These printers are fast and have excellent print quality.

Quality lighting and backgrounds are very important to us. Most of our booths use Canon G series cameras or regular DSLR cameras.

Digital cameras are much more flexible than webcams and the picture quality is MUCH better. Photographs from our photo booths can be printed into desk size prints for your use. If you are comparing photo booth rentals be sure to ask about the type of cameras and flashes in use. If you have any doubts please request print samples and compare them to the competition.


Custom Wording and Graphics on the Print Layouts:

The photos that your guest leave with are designed specially for your event. If your wedding has a country theme we can add graphics which show that theme off.


There are really more options available than we can list here. With print size options up to 8x10 the possibilities are practically endless for weddings, charity events, and special occasions of all kinds.

Country and Venue Theme3 picture social media layout2x6 printed version layout3 picture 6x4 photo booth layout4 picture photo booth layout4 picture themed photo booth layoutornate 4 picture layout3 picture layout6x4 3 picture layout for photo booth3 picture layout for photo booth2 picture 4x6 photo booth layout2x6 Photo Booth Layout


Slide Shows to Entertain

We have several options for the slide show. We have everything from 32" TVs to slide projectors. This video shows the Maize Rec. Center where we can connect to an overhead projector. This is also an option with the Abode venue.


Simply placing a photo booth at an event may not itself require a lot of experience. What does require experience is knowing how to work with other vendors and venues so that the unexpected does not limit the experience you want for you and your guests. We also carry liability insurance. For more information about our event photography experience please visit www.artsphotography.com or WichitaEventPhotography.com


Combine a photo booth rental with other event photography services
and save money.

We are your event photography experts. From Hashtag to instant portraits we have what you want.

To learn more about these options please visit Wichita Event Photography.



Lot's of Options for Your Photo Booth


Event Photography Services

We offer event photography of all kinds, This includes instant portraits, or pop-up studios, and well as group photography with on-site printing up to 8x12.

Specials and Discounts

We offer military discounts and discounts to schools and charities. To see if your organizaiton qualifies please use our contact form.

Booth Planning

A photo booth for a wedding will be different than a graduation or birthday party.

We will work with you to custom design a package.